Red Panda Adventures (108) - The Gadget

A new world is about to be born.

But before it can be born... something will have to die, at the hands of The Gadget.

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MTST 05 - Dialogue With Martian Trombone


Decoder Ring Theatre is proud to present Mark Time Show Time, a Showcase series celebrating scripts originally written for live performance by Great Northern Audio, in conjunction with the awards ceremony of the Mark Time and Ogle Awards.


This Week: Dialogue With Martian Trombone


The Ramon Raquello Orchestra was supposed to get their big break that night in 1938, on Orson Welles' Mercury Theater show, but they kept getting cut off. The rest of that program became famous. Still is. But what happened to the band? We join them many years later, at a reunion of the band, and it seems that they can't seem to escape the influence of the Martians.


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Red Panda Adventures (107) - VE Day

VE Day - Victory In Europe! A momentous day for history, and a time long-remembered by the free peoples of the world, emerging from the shadows of our darkest hour. But from the margins of this red-letter day come a brace of tales untold. New foes, old friends and more as the Radiogram News Picture Corporation presents: VE Day!

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