Red Panda Adventures (71) - All The King's Men

For years now, the country has been haunted by an enemy as elusive as any ghost. The head of a network working to weaken our war effort and prepared to devestate our defences at a stroke when the opportunity presents itself for their Nazi masters to strike. He has been held in check by our heroes, but with their own network depleted and diminished, how much longer can they continue the fight? If the end is to come, it must come now - and it will take... All The King's Men!

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Red Panda Adventures (70) - The Wild West

There are some situations that you just can't prepare for. You can be the cleverest mystery man on the block, there will still be days that you just never saw coming. Those are the moments that cry out for a firey horse with the speed of lighht, a cloud of dust and a hearty... well, you know...

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