Red Panda Adventures (89) - The Lost Sheep

The tempest of war has carried many of the Red Panda's allies far from the field of his private war for justice. But even after so many years of seeing the best, boldest and brightest torn away, some wounds are impossible to bear. How far will the Flying Squirrel go to save... The Lost Sheep?

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Black Jack Justice (52) - The More Things Change

There are certain immutable laws that govern the universe, and to put them to the test is a waste of time. To employ the firm of Justice and Dixon to do so on your behalf will cost you the sum of $39.99 a day and leave you sadder, but wiser, than you were when you came in the door.

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Red Panda Adventures (88) - Last Flight of the Valkyrie

These days even the arrival of old friends almost always seems to mean trouble. They never seem to show up without news of some new doomsday menace, hurtling through the sky at terrible speed. Will the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel catch The Last Flight of the Valkyrie?

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Black Jack Justice (51) - Those Who Wait

It is said by some that good things come to those who wait. It’s an interesting idea, and like most interesting ideas, it’s sufficiently vague as to be effectively meaningless. We all wait, therefore we each see ourselves as the potential recipient of the aforementioned good things. And we find this good, so the adage becomes a truism. Thing is, as comforting as it is, it ain’t quite true.

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Red Panda Adventures (87) - The Missing Links

The city is held in a grip of terror as ordinary men and women go missing in a series of freakish electrical storms. Is it an occult menace? A Nazi plot against the city? Or is there something even more bizzare behind the attack of... The Missing Links!

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Black Jack Justice (50) - Two Is Too Many

They say that you can have too much of a good thing, my fiends, and that is certainly true. There are few things in the world so wonderful that custom cannot stale their infinite variety. And when it comes to the subject of Hawthornes... well, perhaps Two Is Too Many!

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Red Panda Adventures (86) - Thirteen at Table

And who, pray tell, decided that our man in the red mask was ideally suited to play den mother to the next generation of our nation's crime-fighters? Was it his impressive resume? His natural charm? Or the fact that there was nobody else left? In any case, bad luck is in the cards when there are... Thirteen at Table!

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Black Jack Justice (49) Jawbone of an Asp

The unpredictable life of a private detective is a fine thing. But like all good things, it is at least partly an illusion. There are only so many reasons that a person knocks on the grey-green door that reads “Justice and Dixon, Private Investigations”, and they usually fall within a fairly limited range. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

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Red Panda Adventures (85) - Blue Skies

Men of vision cannot live their lives in the present, they must always think of the future. But how can the Terrific Twosome of Toronto fight a force out to "win the peace" while war still wages overseas? Will even the Red Panda be able to find... Blue Skies?

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Marvellous Boxes (06) - Aliens Are Like Mirages

This week, our final Marvellous Box opens to reveal a secret from beyond the stars. Is it a gift? A curse? Or nothing more than we make of it? Nothing can be certain when we find that Aliens Are Like Mirages.

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