Red Panda Adventures (91) - The Lab Rats

Muscle and brawn are all very well and good, but sooner or later, it always comes down to the big brains, doesn't it? With the fate of the massed Allied troops in England hanging in the balance, a motley crew of brilliant madmen are launched at Hitler's latest superweapon on a high-speed collision course with destiny! Will guns and bombs win this war, or will it be... The Lab Rats!

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Black Jack Justice (54) - The Empty Desk

They say that familiarity breeds contempt, and history suggests that's pretty true. But what about a Girl Detective on her own in the big, bad city? What's the end result of that equation? When Trixie Dixon is ready to find out she can always ask The Empty Desk.

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Red Panda Adventures (90) - The Honoured Dead

An artifact stolen in the nearly-forgotten past may hold a secret badly needed for the Allied war effort. With the help of an old friend, the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel may have the key to unlock this puzzle, but first they must run the gauntlet of... The Honoured Dead!

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