Red Panda Adventures (77) - The Case of the Missing Muse

A seemingly impossible crime, left unfinished just before the moment of triumph. On the floor, a single clue, a sheet of paper left blank and unsigned. Can this be a token that one of the Red Panda's deadliest enemies has returned? And if so, why did the villain shy away from the coup de grace? And who is the sinister face behind the Case of the Missing Muse?

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Black Jack Justice (46) - A Simple Case of Black and White

The sporting life isn't for everyone, my friends. For some, one's athletic pursuits are best not spoken of in polite company, and almost always involve shoes, liquor, tight slacks or handguns. Or all of the above. But when the Girl Detective stumbles on to the Pro Bowling circuit, the result is anything but... A Simple Case of Black and White!

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Red Panda Adventures (76) - The Milk Run

Even while the world is being pulled apart at the seams, there is still a city that needs her champions. Criminals are creatures of opportunity, and never let a little thing like a world at war slow them down. Thwarting evil, protecting the innocent and maybe, just maybe, saving one trusted agent along the way. For the man in the mask, it’s all part of… The Milk Run!

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Black Jack Justice (45) - The Score

They say that time heals all wounds. That's a nice thought, and it just might be true. Maybe. But not today. Sometimes all it takes is a brace of old friends down on their luck and a monster that turned out to be less dead than he was supposed to be, and those wounds feel just as fresh as ever. But will it be enough to get ol' Square-Jaw in on... The Score?

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Red Panda Adventures (75) City of the Dead

The badlands of the city have long been a wilderness to which the faint of heart do not travel. Those condemned by circumstance to live within their borders step lively, watch their backs, and take nothing for granted. But now those unlucky citizens are disappearing at an alarming rate; sinking into the night without apparent cause. Can the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel stem the tide, or is Toronto doomed to become a... City of the Dead?

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Black Jack Justice (44) - Some Kinda Lucky

There are all kind of luck in this world. Good luck, bad luck... the luck you make, the luck you were just born with... and then there is good old-fashioned dumb luck, and it's leading practitioner, Freddie "The Finger" Hawthorne. But when Freddie's luck crosses the line between dumb and just plain stupid, somebody's bound to answer with lead. And if everybody lives through it, it'll be Some Kinda Lucky!

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Red Panda Adventures (74) - The Trojan Horse

Foiled but not vanquished, the villainous Nightshade and her crew of mercenaries have gone to ground, hiding while they rebuild and preparing to loose new terrors on the city in the name of their Nazi paymasters. Can Kit Baxter lead the fight as the Flying Squirrel? Will John Archer's grief and rage prevent him from wearing the mask of the Red Panda? The answers lie within... The Trojan Horse!

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Black Jack Justice (43) - Mad Dogs and Ambulance Chasers

Matt Dawson was a smooth character, all right. At least half as smooth as he seemed to think he was. But why a lawyer from one of the city's top firms chose to darken the door of a certain his and hers detective agency was a whole other matter. But one thing was for certain; you come out to play in the noon-day sun, and you're gonna get burned, baby.

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Red Panda Adventures (73) - From The Ashes

From the darkness of defeat and despair, the last, lingering embers of hope spring to life. A blaze of justice born of passion begins once again to flicker and finally to burst into a roaring flame. And Phoenix-like, a hero emerges... From the Ashes!

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Slick Bracer 06 - Perils of Public Radio

Our Summer of Slick comes to an end with a perplexing problem of personal peril! Someone is gunning for the big man in local public radio, which can only mean one thing: Someone has some time on his hands! How will our Great Gumshoe handle the Perils of Public Radio

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