DG03 - Deck Gibson and the Room With No View

This week: Deck is held prisoner after a Quasar Corps ambush and arrested as a traitor against Earth! Will his training as a Far Reach Commander save him, or will the last sight our hero ever sees be... The Room With No View

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Red Panda Adventures (36) - The Field Trip

In his own city, The Red Panda calls the shots - and he doesn't tolerate any interloping from other masked do-gooders that aren't soft and Squirrel-shaped. But when an investigation leads the Terrific Twosome of Toronto all the way to New York City; already teeming with huddled masses of mystery men, superheroes and masked vigilantes, a lot can happen on... The Field Trip!

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Red Panda Adventures (35) - The Rat Lord

A sudden rash of petty crime is spreading like wildfire, bleeding the city white a few dollars at a time. Is it really possible that these robberies are being carried out by an army of children? What elemental force could possibly have driven these innocents into a life of crime? And will even The Red Panda be able to oppose the might... of The Rat Lord?

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