Black Jack Justice (35) - Small Mercies

A certain hack writer who shall remain Shakespeare is of the opinion that the quality of mercy is not strained. He obviously doesn't ride the bus past the stylish world headquarters of Justice and Dixon all that often, 'cause around here both the quality and quantity of mercy are strained beyond any reasonable breaking point, and old friends are no exception.

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Black Jack Justice (34) - The Devil You Know

A client who seems a little too eager to pony up his retainer, the feds sniffing around like the wolf at the door and witnesses who keep blossoming into corpses. It's almost enough to make a certain police Lieutenant seem like a welcome sight. Almost.

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Black Jack Justice (33) - The Stopped Clock

When a snoop-and-peep that paid turned into a murder case that almost certainly didn't, it meant one thing: Jack suddenly got interested. For the Girl Detective, it's just one more reason to strangle the big lug... but even a clock that's stopped is right twice a day... isn't it?  

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