Slick Bracer 05 - The Giant Nap

Your standard-issue tough-taling, hard-as-nails private eye doesn't get to solve a lot of murders. Those tend to go to the cops, and even Metropolisville's Finest notice a little thing like unrequested help from their old pal Slick Bracer. But when the murder hasn't quite happened yet, and a big fat fee is one the table, just about anything is possible... including Slick taking... The Giant Nap!

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Slick Bracer 04 - The Ruby Tooth

Take one hard-boiled, poorly cliched private eye, add a mysterious missing artifact and stir in six or seven of history's most culturally insesitive accents since Hogan's Heroes went off the air and you have the recepie for mystery, mayhem and a sweeping apology from our legal department. Here for your dining and dancing pleasure.... the mystery of The Ruby Tooth!

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Slick Bracer 03 - Some Murdered Guy

He has always been a lone wolf... a solitary coyote... or at least an only puppy. But today, Slick Bracer, PI is getting himself a partner! Will double the dick mean double the trouble? Will the citizens of Metropolisville be safe at last? Or will the newest cast member have a life expectancy of a red-shirted extra on Star Trek? Would it give you a hint if we mentioned this is the Mystery of Some Murdered Guy?

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