Red Panda Adventures (61) - The Nose For News

More than a year has passed since the Occult War was lost, and little has gone well for those who stand against the forces of darkness. Many nations are now in Nazi hands, and the shadow of occupation hangs heavily over the remaining free people of Europe. Closer to home, saboteurs and traitors now lurk in the shadows which once sheltered criminal scum, and only one man can stand against them. The Red Panda may have lost much of his army of justice, but he still has an iron will, the strength of ten and most of all... The Nose For News!

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Play It Again! Justice in Love and War

All good things must come to an end, my friends, and so our summer stroll down memory lane comes to a close with this final episode. And it just wouldn't be a finale without a big finish, would it? So call the neighbors and wake the kids... tell the arts council to make with the grant money already... it's the full-on, hard-boiled, gender-inverted Black Jack Justice starring Clarissa Dernederlanden as Jack and Scotty Moyle as Trixie Dixon, girl detective.

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Play It Again! - Death Danced At Midnight!

Holy cats, Decoder Ringers, two "Red Panda" Play It Agains in a row? It's almost like we're saving a Black Jack for the summer's big finale in a couple of weeks... But in the meantime, what could be better than an old-school creepy mystery with the cast stood on its head? Kevin Robinson as the Red Panda! Andrea Lyons as the Flying Squirrel! Chris Mott as a Newsie! Get ready for Death Danced at Midnight as we.... Play It Again!

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