Black Jack Justice (32) - Stormy Weather

It has been remarked more than once that there's always a calm just before the storm. Certified meteorological phenomenon or old wives saw, it was still true as often as it wasn't. And if that storm was destined to wash away Marilou Arden, it looked like it just might take a certain pair of gumshoes with her.

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Black Jack Justice (31) - Requiem for an Elf

It is a season not to be trusted, my friends. It can dress up sadness as nostalgia, tackiness as whimsy and grey-green slush as "Christmas snow"... but it didn't seem like all the holiday spirit in the world was going to do the little man in the red suit and even redder puddle of his own blood much good, now was it?

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Red Panda Adventures (54) - Terror Walks the Night

The struggle against dark times has been a long and bitter one, and the fight to not give in to that darkness is constant. A rash of inexplicable disappearances cause the police to conclude that the citizens of the city are losing that unequal struggle. But can it really be a rash of suicides, or is there something much deeper, much darker behind this? And will even the Red Panda be able to resist when... Terror Walks The Night?

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Red Panda Adventures (53) - Murder Wears a Mask

The newspapers trumpet murder and mayhem almost every day, and there's more than enough to keep the Terrific Twosome of Toronto busy in their own hometown. So why are they racing off to the Big Apple in spite of their own strict "no meddling" policy? Can even the Red Panda bring the guilty to justice when... Murder Wears a Mask?

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Red Panda Adventures (52) - Just Like Clockwork

A stranger awakes in an alley with no memory, no clue who he is and only a dim impression of his mission. All around, shadowy forces are closing in. Who is he? Does he hold the missing piece of the puzzle the Red Panda needs to save the city? Will the carefully laid plans of justice run off the rails or will it all go... Just Like Clockwork!

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Red Panda Adventures (51) - The Puzzle Master

Scientific scerets are being stolen by a sinister superfiend with a mind for mazes and the morals of a monster. But when the Terrific Twosome of Toronto are made an offer of "help" that they can't refuse, will they ever best the mighty will of... The Puzzle Master?

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Red Panda Adventures (50) - Flight of the Bumblebee

A forgotten foe from our masked marvel's past returns, exhibiting astonishing new powers. Is this the opening overture of a new concerto of crime, or is there more than meets the eye to the... Flight of the Bumblebee!

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Red Panda Adventures (49) - Nightshade

A nice, quiet honeymoon was probably too much to ask, wasn't it? But after a string of adventures, our crime-fighters are finally headed for home. And if they happen to be carrying a mysterious amulet the Nazis would kill to recover, that's just all in a day's work. But when murder strikes mid-air, the Red Panda must find a killer who strikes with deadly... Nightshade!

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Summer Showcase (13) - Shinkei

Are there any two phrases in the English language that offer as much delight at "mildly dystopian" and "not-too-distant future"? If there are, they can only be "career criminal" and "one last big score". And yet for all those comfortable tropes, expect the unexpected from... Shinkei!

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Summer Showcase (12) - Thinking in Ternary

From Tim Prasil, author of "Magic of the Movies" and "The Crasher", our showcase presents this thoughtful and engaging tale. What makes a mind? Is it the ability to calculate? To learn? Or without the power of the imagination is there something missing essential to life itself? And if we suddenly found ourselves able to create such a life.... what would we say to it? We present for your consideration... Thinking In Ternary.

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