Red Panda Adventures (101) - The Chimera Protocol

Professor Zombie's all-out war on the city continues to rage, and if Toronto's masked protectors are to have a chance of defeating her, they must begin to understand what has brought about the change in one of their oldest foes. But when the veil is lifted on some of the darkest secrets of the Allied war effort, will even the Red Panda be able to solve... The Chimera Protocol?

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Black Jack Justice (58) - Home for the Holidays

Is it still a Christmas Card if it comes gift-wrapped in noir and hard-boiled as a three-hour egg? Yeah, we think so too. Pour yourself an egg nog and see if Jack and Trixie make it... Home for the Holidays!

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Red Panda Adventures (100) - Naughty and Nice

The masked protectors of Toronto celebrate 100 episodes as only they can - fighting to thwart a plot of unimaginable horror! But with Professor Zombie's rage reaching a fevered pitch, it may take the unlikeliest of team-ups to save both the city and Christmas at the same time!

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Black Jack Justice (57) - The Cheshire Cat

A man may smile and smile and be a villain... and then disappear, leaving nothing behind but the memory of that smile. Which might not be a problem, unless his confirmation of your paper-thin story were all that stood between you and stylish prison stripes.

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Red Panda Adventures (99) - Knight's Gambit

As Professor Zombie's scorched earth campaign against the city rages, the Red Panda fights an uphill battle to save his city from willfully choosing its own destruction. Will our heroes discover the dark secret behind this terrible plot in time, or will they lose the... Knight's Gambit?

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Black Jack Justice (56) - Death and Taxes

There are only two things that are certain in this life, my friends. One is that very little is as it appears, an observation which includes but is not limited to the itemized list of expenses for which you have recently been charged. The other certainty is that it will cost you the princely sum of thirty-nine, ninety-five a day to discover item "A". Oh yeah, also Death and Taxes.

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Red Panda Adventures (98) - The Locked Room

A daring crime, striking at the very heart of public trust... is it a page from the playbook of a foe thought long gone? If so, what about the lone witness, who is not quite as he seems? The horrifying truth to one of the most sinister mysteries of the Red Panda's career may lay within... The Locked Room

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Black Jack Justice (55) - Home Fires

A little lost lamb in the big, bad city is hardly a new theme for our intrepid investigators. But with a couple of hundred pounds of strapping small-town lawman distracting the heck out of the Girl Detective, it looks like it's down to Ol' Square-Jaw to keep the Home Fires burning.

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Red Panda Adventures (97) - The Phantom

As the tides of war begin to shift in favor of the Allies, all is far from quiet on the Home Front. A new boss of bosses has taken control of the city and declared war upon the Red Panda and his allies! Can this mysterious menace be found and foiled? How can even the Terrific Twosome of Toronto hope to battle... The Phantom?

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Crogan Adventures 06 - The Devil's Grotto

David Crogan - smuggler, trader and all-around Lothario - must do battle with one of the ocean's most terrifying creatures!

Remember, look for the Crogan graphic novels at a bookstore near you, and visit !

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