Black Jack Justice (26) - The Do-Nothing Detective

Private detecting isn't the sort of game where you can pick your battles. Jack and Trixie have done all kinds of things for all kinds of people, and most of the time you just hope for the best. But when a mystery man is perpared to drop a nice, fat retainer in their laps to drop a client that they never had, it looks like our heroes have finally caught that nice soft case everybody always talks about. But it couldn't really be that simple... could it?

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Black Jack Justice (25) - A Midsummer Night's Noir

With the city in the grips of a heat wave, things are bound to get a little screwy. But no matter what air-conditioned hidey-hole a gumshoe ducks into, the place is lousy with crouching jade kittens and raincoated would-be girl detectives. It's bound to end badly for someone when Jack and Trixie start A Midsummer Night's Noir! - With special guest star Mary Jo Pehl!

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A Very Decoder Ring Christmas!

When the Decoder Ring Theatre Gang gets together to finally record that oft-requested crossover episode between The Red Panda Adventures and Black Jack Justice, there's only one thing that can stop Audio Drama history from being made - A Family Christmas Special breaking out! From all of us, to all of you, with best wishes for the Holiday Season, we present A Very Decoder Ring Christmas!

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Red Panda Adventures (42) - The Boy In Blue

The agents who serve The Red Panda are our masked heroes' eyes and ears. They are the many hands that make their great work light. They are men who hold high the lamp of justice when darkness falls. But what happens when your most Trusted Agent... isn't? Only one man has truly has that answer, and he is.... The Boy In Blue!

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Red Panda Adventures (41) - Trial by Terror

Side by side, the Terrific Twosome of Toronto have faced danger and dastadly daring-do of every shape and size. But when the walls that hold back The Red Panda's greatest foes come tumbling down, can even that Fearless Fighting Female the Flying Squirrel save her partner from the... Trial By Terror?

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Red Panda Adventures (40) - The Gathering Storm

Once again the cold tendrils of dark powers reach forth into our world. Our heroes have stood the test before, and made such preparations as they may... but with a full-scale dimensional breach in progress, can even the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel turn back... The Gathering Storm?

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Red Panda Adventures (39) - Murder In The Castle

Ah, a romantic evening on the town... dinner and dancing at the swanky Casa Loma. Could anything be finer? Could an evening be more perfect? Could anything ever possibly be that simple? With an eccentric millionaire in the house, about to sign away the family fortune and disinherit a roomful of angry relations, there's almost sure to be... Murder In The Castle!

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Red Panda Adventures (38) - The Mask of Death

A train station full of terrified hostages... An old enemy returned to spread chaos and destruction... Who would have guessed that the day could only get worse? But with the powers of darkness creeping ever nearer, will our heroes be in time to discover the secrets of ... The Mask of Death?

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Red Panda Adventures (37) - The Third Wave

Time after time, threats from without have battered the city. Gangsters, racketeers and power mad-supervillains, and always our masked heroes have been equal to the task. But when the city turns upon itself; when its own citizens threaten to become the means of its destruction, can even the Red Panda turn the tide against... The Third Wave?

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DG08 - Deck Gibson at the End of the Universe pt 2

A dreaded foe... an unfathomable prize... a damsel in distress... seems like everything a Commander could ask for. But with the future itself on the line, can even the combined might of the entire Far Reach Fleet stand against the powers at... The End of the Universe?

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