Red Panda Adventures (59) - Sins of the Father

A series of mysterious accidents is plauging the business interests of a certain wealthy former gad-about. Is it mere coincidence, or is Fenwick Industries being targeted? And when both the city's mystery men and a secret government agent get involved, will the cure be worse than the disease? How many must pay for the... Sins of the Father?

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Red Panda Adventures (58) - Eyes of the Idol

Two impossibly rare jewels, each the twin of the other and locked in an ancient curse... kept as far apart as possible for years. But now one of the Eyes of Doom has fallen prey to a master thief, and the second is under the protection of a certain masked mystery man. Is it their own terrible destiny that draws these artifacts together, or is it something still more sinister? Can even the Red Panda hope to escape the power of... The Eyes of the Idol?

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Red Panda Adventures (57) - Song of the Siren

Sun, sand, the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean... What could be more relaxing than an extended tropical vacation? With pleasure craft mysteriously disappearing from the waters around a sinister and seemingly deserted island, just about everything. Can even our vacationing man of mystery and his fearless fighting female resist... The Song of the Siren?

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