Summer Showcase (07) - The Knightmare pt 1

From New Pulp Media Baron Bill Cunningham comes this thrilling tale of adventure in 1940's Hollywood!

Since the dawn of time, mankind has been protected by the shadow warrior known only as The Knightmare. The Master of Fear, he uses his uncanny powers in the defense of justice. But can even The Knightmare resist the sinister powers of Hitler's elite super-soliders... the Murder Legion?

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Red Panda Adventures (48) - Operation: Cold Feet

As the big day approaches, strange things are afoot in the city. Our heroes are being sighted in places that their mild-mannered secret identities have no memory of ever being. Old friends and old enemies alike will clash in pursuit of... Operation: Cold Feet!

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Red Panda Adventures (47) - The Endgame

For years now, a shadowy organization has targeted the city and its citizens. Time after time the Terrific Twosome has defeated their most diabolical efforts and time after time the Syndicate has risen from the ashes, changed its stripes and begun it's campaign of terror anew. Who would have thought that the worst thing they could possibly do was give up? Will anything be left standing after we enter.... The Endgame?

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