Red Panda Adventures (82) - Island of the Damned

Lt. August Fenwick hasn't been doing that badly, for a useless fop dropped in the middle of a battlefield. Together with the rest of Parker's Rangers he has become an important pawn in the long game of Allied Command in occupied Europe. Some days he has almost come to believe that he understands the world and his place in it. Almost. But can any of that survive a trip to the Island of the Damned?

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Marvellous Boxes (03) - Facing Cydonia

Author Tim Prasil's "Marvellous Boxes" has taken us to new worlds of the imagination, but this week we see that we might not be as ready as we think to visit them in real life. Months into an isolation test designed to test gear for an eventual mission to Mars, a crew faces equipment failures, shortages and a mysteriously shrinking population. Would they be equal to the task if they were suddenly... Facing Cydonia?

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