Summer Showcase (02) - The Crasher

And now, our Showcase presents The Crasher another chilling tale of suspense from a world just beyond the borders of our own. A young writer looking for a fresh start and a clean slate finds himself in the quiet town of Halfway. The perfect place to finish his novel and get his career back on track. But sometimes life has other plans for us. Another masterful script by Magic of the Movies author Tim Prasil

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Summer Showcase (01) - The Magic of the Movies

This week, the Summer Showcase is proud to present The Magic of the Movies by Tim Prasil. A tale of suspense told late at night around a Hollywood bar... A tale of fame and fortune lost, and a terrible secret found. The sad ramblings of a forgotten man? You be the judge...

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Red Panda Adventures (24) - The World Next Door

A symposium in the city has the world's greatest scientific minds together under one roof. A fine opportunity to advance mankind's knowledge - and perhaps a target too tempting to resist! But with that masked mystery man The Red Panda, the fearless fighting female The Flying Squirrel and their army of agents on the case, the conference is safe from any threat in the world. But what about... The World Next Door?

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