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Decoder Ring Theatre

Welcome to Decoder Ring Theatre, home of all-new audio drama adventure, mystery and more, produced in the style of the classic programs of radio's golden age. Please enjoy our extensive archives, and new offerings including video comics, audio novels and more!

Feb 14, 2011

They say that if a person is lucky at cards, it stands to follow that they must also be unlucky at love. But it doesn't take much research to prove that it's possible to be both. The stakes are in the story - see your two bickering heirs and raise you one missing will - and around this table The Sky's The Limit!

Feb 1, 2011

There are always more than one side to every story. And when you're dealing with a newspaper magnate, a missing heiress, a kidnapping with no ransom and an angry fishmonger, sometimes there are more sides than story. No simple matter for your average gumshoe, but just another day at the office for... Man's Best...