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Decoder Ring Theatre

Welcome to Decoder Ring Theatre, home of all-new audio drama adventure, mystery and more, produced in the style of the classic programs of radio's golden age. Please enjoy our extensive archives, and new offerings including video comics, audio novels and more!

Sep 17, 2005

Five (or maybe six) years before the current Decoder Ring Theatre podcast shows began, we recorded these very different style "Red Panda" shows as a pilot project for traditional radio broadcast. They were the genesis for what we're doing now, but they are almost completely different from the "re-booted" universe of The Red Panda Adventures

When we started running these podcasts, I broke the ice with these shows as our first six podcast episodes. With more people discovering our shows every day... well, these ones are getting harder and harder to explain... especially to people who never visit this page directly.

So to end the confusion once and for all, a full year and thousands of downloads later, I'm taking these off the feed. But you can still get them if you want them. Just direct download from the link in each post (PC users, you'll want to right-click and choose "save target as..."). Here's the link: "Original" Red Panda ep. 4