Red Panda Adventures (117) - Harbinger of Doom

Peace and prosperity are back at long last, and the city has a new protector to help keep it that way. There’s only one thing that could go wrong: the impending arrival of an armada from beyond the stars to enslave mankind. If August Fenwick is to help protect the Earth, he may need some help from the case files of his old friend in the red mask to recall the Harbinger of Doom!

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Black Jack Justice (69) - As The Northern Star

There are certain things in life that feel fixed… immutable, as if they had never changed and they never would. But the world outside the window changes every day, and a great war is being fought, without a single shot being fired. In times like these, even the Northern Star can change his stripes... or something.  

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Red Panda Adventures (116) - Twas the Night Before

From the secret case files of the Red Panda, and a most unlikely source, comes the most thrilling Christmas adventure of the Terrific Twosome of Toronto's crime-fighting career. No matter how little holiday spirit you might have had, no one could resist when... 'Twas the Night Before!

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Black Jack Justice (68) - The Born Loser

It has been observed more than once that life isn't fair, even if the mass of humanity cannot possibly be as deserving of a thumb on the scales of fate as they think that they are. Still, it is just possible that from time to time the universe does conspire to heap misfortune on the narrow shoulders of one poor specimen, and turn that benighted soul into... The Born Loser

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Red Panda Adventures (115) - Tower of Terror

A new era begins in the telling of the Terrific Twosome of Toronto's exploits. Join us for the first trip into heroic history as we explore the untold tale of... the Tower of Terror!

(Tags: otr, audio drama, radio, radio play, comics, comic book, superhero, hero, mystery, adventure, pulp, pulp fiction)

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Black Jack Justice (67)  - The Dead Duck


Your private detective and your fairy godmother have very different roles. Chief amongst the differences is the fact that “making your dreams come true” is not often the gumshoe’s lot in life. But wouldn’t it be nice if, just once, someone would do something about theirs? Even if it means that someone is a… Dead Duck?


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Red Panda Adventures (114) - The Final Problem

The journey of a thousand miles began with a single step into the shadows of darkness and desperation. Will it end in a blaze of glory or the brilliance of the limelight? Is this truly The Final Problem?

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Black Jack Justice (66) - Full Fathom Five

Sometimes miracles happen, and sometimes they don't. And sorting out which is which and when and why can be a heckuva job for even the most hard-boiled of private eyes. Secrets and lies won't bring a sailor home from the sea... or will they?

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Red Panda Adv (113) - Exit, Stage Left

When you've always been the life of the party, it can be hard to slip away. And when the party in question is the never-ending battle between good and evil, it can be nearly impossible. With their friends and allies taking their final bows, and with a super-powered protégée waiting in the wings, will our heroes stay for an encore, or will they take their Exit, Stage Left?

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The jaunty angle at which our girl detective chooses to wear her hat does occasionally come with a price, and every once in a great while, that price encompasses something which she actually notices and just possibly cares about. It is entirely possible that this might be the story of one of those times.


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