A look back at eleven seasons of audio drama goodness with the gang from Decoder Ring Theatre, complete with laughs, hijinks and clips from the vault, and a look ahead at the all-new delights of Season Twelve. If you are a DRT fan, you can’t miss this one!

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Red Panda Adventures (120) Remember When

You beat the bad guys, you save the world, you get the girl, you live happily ever after, and you can't help but think that you remember every moment of it. But what if you don't? And what will be revealed when the time comes to play Remember When?

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The more things change, the more they stay the same, my friends. Except sometimes the most unimaginable changes happen under the guise of the ordinary, everyday things that pop up on a regular day. Or in this case, on Date Night.

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The Red Panda's former agents get in on the game of "remember when", as they uncover a relic used in one of their very first cases. Will the Red Panda thwart a cruel scheme that is terrifying the city, or is it clear sailing for The Radio Robberies?

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Black Jack Justice (71) The Policy

Sometimes a bet comes with such terrible odds that there isn't much point in placing it. Sometimes it's a sure thing, usually because someone has made it so, often by cheating on a massive scale. Those are the times that tend to kill you dead, my friends, they really are. When you can't help but win, everybody loses. Or do they?

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Red Panda Adventures (118) - Power of the Mind

The news scoop of today needs a little help from the mad scientist cabal of yesterday as everybody favorite associate editor reaches into the case files of a certain masked man of mystery. Will the city's new champion be scooped by a certain girl reporter? It all depends upon the Power of the Mind.

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Black Jack Justice (70) - Chess Pains

Celebrate the arbitrary milestone of seventy delightful episodes with Lord and Lady Flatfoot! Once again our intrepid heroes are thrust into a situation that falls well short of their customary bailiwick, is well and truly outside of their comfort zone and for which they are deeply, deeply unqualified. It’s enough to give a person Chess Pains!

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Red Panda Adventures (117) - Harbinger of Doom

Peace and prosperity are back at long last, and the city has a new protector to help keep it that way. There’s only one thing that could go wrong: the impending arrival of an armada from beyond the stars to enslave mankind. If August Fenwick is to help protect the Earth, he may need some help from the case files of his old friend in the red mask to recall the Harbinger of Doom!

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Black Jack Justice (69) - As The Northern Star

There are certain things in life that feel fixed… immutable, as if they had never changed and they never would. But the world outside the window changes every day, and a great war is being fought, without a single shot being fired. In times like these, even the Northern Star can change his stripes... or something.  

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Red Panda Adventures (116) - Twas the Night Before

From the secret case files of the Red Panda, and a most unlikely source, comes the most thrilling Christmas adventure of the Terrific Twosome of Toronto's crime-fighting career. No matter how little holiday spirit you might have had, no one could resist when... 'Twas the Night Before!

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